Visual artists, working as a duo, Chavanne Czarnecka, offers unique pieces and refined graphic images resulting in new and exclusive digital prints on any supports and many decorative applications.

It can be mentioned the design of:
A line of furniture for ABC Home (New-York)
Desk dresses for DIOR (Paris, London, Vienna, Saint Petersburg, Florence, Beyrouth)
Facades for HERMES (Macau, Dubai), collaborative work with RDAI
Facades and displays for CHRISTIAN LOUBOUTIN (Paris, Tokyo, Doha)

Wall murals for:
NEXITY (Paris head office), collaborative work with Cargo Rouge,
UNIBAIL (Paris head office, commercial centers Forum des Halles, Rosny 2, Carré
Sénart, Euralille, Wroclavia Pologne), collaborative work with architects Saguez and Partners,
CIDER (Paris)
La Maison de la Chimie (Paris)

It also can be quoted creations, pictures, pieces of furniture, decoration works for parisian galleries- Pierre Passebon, Martel Greiner, Jacquemin Sablon , Hip-for home design offices- Architecture Studio, Dawid Collins London, Charles Tassin, Philippe Conzade, Jean Allemand, Or et Béton, ADIsprl (Bruxelles)- for hotel, restaurant and private art


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